Social Responsibility

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    Social Responsibility

    To conduct a business in the way which is ethically responsible, safe and consistent is an essential element of our business model.York Chairs strives to be mindful of its impact on the world beyond the ways our technology progresses. We are also committed to conduct responsible business practices in any circumstance. We focus on several pillars of social responsibility: environment & sustainability, human trafficking, animal care and conflict minerals.

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    Environment and Sustainability

    We seek to be innovators, leaders and contributors to a healthy environment so that we leave a positive impact to the nature as well as the society. Our new designs constantly seek to improve the energy efficiency of our manufacturing and develop new waste management systems for easier recycling.

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    Animal Care

    We commit ourselves in taking care of stray animals regardless of the hardship of it. Our compounds always have readied water and food for the stray animals around, our employees and volunteers frequently visit animal shelters.

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    Due to the unfortunate events happening in the last decade in our neighboring countries, we opened our arms to asylum seekers to provide anyone with equal rights and standards regardless of their religion, language and ethnic background. We have a duty to ensure that we do not risk violating an individual’s human rights by supporting forced or compulsory labor, human trafficking. We expect ourselves and our suppliers to respect human rights and dignity, and we will never source products from suppliers who violate this fundamental policy.

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    Humanitarian Aid

    We want to show responsibility and make our contribution to society, especially in the regions in which we do business. We are particularly committed to providing humanitarian aid for people in distress.

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    We feel that CSR helps companies as well as the environment. We believe even a small change can make a huge difference. If you think you have any ideas or suggestion or if there is something we can help with your organisation, please do get in touch with us.

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